Goedendag sterk blond

Goedendag Strong Blond

Beer type: Strong blond
Alcohol content: 8% abv.
Bitterness: 30 IBU
Color: Blond 6 EBC
Aroma: Fruity, estery flavour 
(ripe banana) combined with subtle floral and citrussy hints. 
Taste: Fruity and fresh hoppy character with a noble bitterness that gives a refreshing character with a dry finish.

Goedendag Dark

Beer type: Strong double
Alcohol content: 7,5% abv.
Bitterness: 25 IBU
Color: Dark with red glow (>85 EBC)
Aroma: Nice complex aroma with hints of caramel, dark chocolate and coffee.
Taste: Warm rich taste of caramel, dark chocolate and hint of coffee combined with subtle touch of spiciness and hops.

Goedendag sterk blond

Goedendag Cuvée 1302

Beer type: Provision ale
Alcohol content: 7,5% abv.
Bitterness: 15 IBU
Dark with red glow (>85 EBC)
Aroma: This complex beer is slightly sour, giving its refreshing character. This beer has matured for 1,5 year on oaken casks. This results in the malty, caramel, wood, apple and dried fruit flavors with hints of whisky.
Taste:  The bearing assembly (for 1,5 years) on the powders and barrels (Pomerol) the taste of the oak comes through. This maturation results in a complex mild acid beer, with flavors of light caramel, oak, apple, vanilla, light coffee, and wisky. Good character and refreshing.

O' de Lys (NEW)

Beer type: Saison                                                                                                                     Alcohol content: 5,5% abv.                                                                                                    Bitterness: 28 IBU                                                                                                                  Color: Golden blond                                                                                                               Aroma: Fresh spicy and slightly hoppy                                                                                   Taste: A full flavor of cereals and spicy hoppiness. This well balanced beer is therefore the ideal thirst quensher.                                                                                                                 Additional features: Lys Water purified by Agristo, forms the basis of this spicy and hoppy Saison. The golden blond beer with character and thirst-quenching soft bitterness wants to bring tribute to the 'Gold' river that caused a lot of wealth at that time in the Lys.